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Our clinics

Our clinics provide quality family planning and sexual reproductive health care services.

Creating safe and welcoming spaces for our clients.

Marie Stopes clinics, also known as Centres, are a safe and welcoming environment where women and their families can access reproductive health services from experienced clinical service providers.

Each centre is fitted out and designed to ensure there is a hospitable and private atmosphere to maximise every client’s experience. In PNG, our centres are located in urban areas and we carefully consider a range of demographic factors before deciding if and what fees to charge.

Our locations

It starts with accessibility. We make sure our centres are located in places that are safe, convenient, easy to find and well served by public transport. 

We also ensure that our centres are open at times that work best for people living locally. Our centres are based in Lae, Goroka, Mt. Hagen and in the capital city, Port Moresby. We always encourage our clients to visit our friendly providers in our urban areas, who are available to serve women, girls and families of PNG with high-quality contraceptive services as well as STI testing and treatment.

Warm, approachable and reassuring.

We want our clients to feel relaxed and supported when they visit us.

We strive to deliver this through creating a calm and inviting environment, developing a professional and passionate team and offering services that meet the highest clinical standards. We find that this combination helps us meet our global standards of clinical excellence. A welcoming environment can also lead to quicker recovery times, and most importantly, shows how much we care about our clients.

What you can always expect.

Our clinics are staffed by teams of qualified and passionate professionals, who always put the client first.

We are committed to providing the best possible care for every client who walks through our doors, by setting rigorous standards for cleanliness, décor and maintenance. This is not just for medical and safety reasons but because it shows our clients just how important they are to us. As with all our services, the quality of care on offer in our centres is constantly monitored to ensure it meets our global standards of clinical excellence.

Other ways to access our services

Find out more about our other service delivery approaches: mobile outreach, franchise clinics and call centre services.

Outreach services

Our mobile outreach services teams consist of doctors, nurses, midwives and drivers, who travel to hard-to-reach and underserved parts of the country.

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Health worker training

Our team works to build the capacity of local healthcare providers through extensive clinical supervision and mentoring.

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Post natal wards

Supporting women to take up take up contraceptive services immediately after their delivery, if they wish to space their children.

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