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Hospital-embedded Nurses

Supporting women to make contraceptive choices.


Post-natal family planning

With support from the National Department of Health, we have stationed our nursing officers in the Post-Natal Ward at 13 hospitals across Papua New Guinea.

This allows for women to take up contraceptive services immediately after their delivery, if they wish to space their children. Our family planning nurses also circulate to other hospital wards, such as the paediatric ward, antenatal cinics and special care nursery, to engage with women and provide them with information on high-quality and effective contraceptive options. This allows women with a variety of needs to consider the option for less or more children and the appropriate contraceptive options that will help them them more carefully plan their families.

Other ways to access our services

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Outreach services

Our mobile outreach services teams consist of doctors, nurses, midwives and drivers, who travel to hard-to-reach and underserved parts of the country.


Health worker training

Our team works to build the capacity of local healthcare providers through extensive clinical supervision and mentoring.


Our clinics

We provide quality family planning services and other sexual reproductive health services across all of our clinics in Papua New Guinea. Our doors are always open to you.


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