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MSPNG is Papua New Guinea’s leading provider of sexual and reproductive health services.

Our services

Contraception and family planning

Providing a wide range of short-term, long-term and permanent methods of contraception to help prevent or space pregnancy.

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Sexual and reproductive health

STI consultation and treatment to keep your reproductive system healthy.

Services available

Pregnancy care

Services to help you understand what is happening in your body, and what care options you have.

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Services for men

Supporting men with contraception and sexual reproductive health.

Services available

Try our online contraception counsellor

Find the best contraception methods for you based on your lifestyle, preferences and medical circumstances.

  • Personalised advice in a few minutes
  • Tailored pros and cons for each method
  • Compare different methods

About us

Since 2006, MSPNG has been serving the people of Papua New Guinea with high-quality sexual and reproductive health services.

We travel by plane, car and boat to reach our clients. With one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the Asia-Pacific region, our services are integral to improving the maternal health and wellbeing of the women, girls and families of Papua New Guinea.

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